Deep Thoughts: ABC

lately i've been thinking about a few people. same people i usually think about, only moreso recently.

i'll call them a, b an c. for the sake of anonimity and all.

abc, easy as 123. or so the jackson five would have you believe.

not true at all.

a it's hard to feel what can't be felt.

b it's hard to sympathize with anyone who is decidely unsymnpathetic.

c you can't be friends with everyone.

these blog thingies are quite habit forming. anything is habit forming in my hands. sigh.

abc, easy as 123. or not. whatever.

i haven't liked the alphabet since...

no one will ever know how much i care. and by the time they do it will be too late.

that's how i prefer it.


  1. Why do you prefer it that way? Are you afraid to bare your heart? Are you afraid to be hurt or of hurting others? Is it out of selfishness, pride, or fear?

    I bet that you have already asked yourself those questions though.


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