Deep Thoughts: Blogger Templates

well whatdayknow. i do exist afterall.

it's kinda scary.

i was reading ingrown brain stem and he was curious about changable blog templates. and i for reasons unbeknownst to me, left somewhat cryptic instructions on the subject.

i mean, i did want to be helpful. just didn't wnat to to be bothered too much with it. certainly didn't want to have to do and or explain it entirely myself.

then i wnet back. outta curiosity to see if it had helped him at all.

and there it was, someone else's comment referring to stacie. ack. they used my name. called me by it and everything. almost as though i were real.

almost, but not quite.

but seriously copgyodd. i can help you out with templates for a price. or if not that, for lotsa recognition.

so i really do exsist afterall. how fascinating. how frightening.