Deep Thoughts: Blogging

so what's with people always closing down their blogs. or they suddenly just stop posting to them. i don't get it.

if blogs are chronicles of our lives. or compendiums of our feelings. or opinions, biases, leanings, outrages, whatever. if they are in some way a reflection of our lives, should they then end only when we die.

in the days before computers and the internet became such a dominant force people who kept journals kept them in notebooks. thin slivers from the meat of trees encased in cardboard. private pages.

true the notebook would always run out of blank sheets eventually and you'd have to start a new one. but your journal didn't end.

the trouble with blogs, for the most part, is that they're not journals at all. they're not private thoughts bravely exposed. they're just another forum where people seek praise.

most seek it through humor. some through controversy. but whatever way they seek it, eventually it seems, they grow tired of it. how fulfilling can praise from strangers really be and for how long. all that effort put into garnering it eventually must begin to exceed what they get from it.

if all bloggers wrote only for themselves. for the writing itself. no blogs would ever close down or disappear.

but most it seem only write to be seen.

i guess that's people afterall, in whatever medium they embrace.

see me. hear me. approve. validate.

when blogs are all gone they'll find some other way. but i'll still be writing. regardless of whether or not it will ever be read.


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