Deep Thoughts: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

what most people who didn't watch the show don't realize is that buffy the vampire slayer (the show) was a metaphor for life.

buffy was constantly fighting 'demons'. we all fight our own demons on daily basis. just as she did. she was one of the most successful and long lived in the slayer line because she was a rare slayer who didn't fight her demons alone. she had friends and family to help her. so much to learn from her.

true, her demons would manifest themselves in the form of actual spiny, horned, slimy things, but the concept remains the same. ugly and hard to fight things plague us all. and it's either fight or be eaten.

the willow magic/drug metaphor was also a great one. if she wasn't a portrait of a junkie, i don't know what is.

spike's character has always bothered me though. because unlike every other vampire who ever appeared on the show, he always seemed to have some semblence of a soul. he killed his own mother after he'd sired her because she was being too evil. he loved druscilla. though she really didn't love him. he helped buffy defeat angelus when he wanted to use acathla to suck the world into hell. he fell in love with buffy before he had a soul. and only went and got the soul because she wouldn't love him back without one. i don't know why. but he had more soul without one that most people do with.

the only thing i can come up with is that spike when he was human was a wussy poet guy. and perhaps some piece of his soul remained even after being turned into a vampire. which personally, leaves me with little hope of leaving my human confines behind should i ever be bitten by a creature of the night.

and one of the best and funniest references in the show was when buffy and angel had sex for the first time and as the cool guidance counselor said 'he changed'. in buffy world he was cursed to lose his soul should he experience one true moment of happiness (awww) and became a vicious vampire killing/torture machine. but in the real world, how well that translates. especially when you're young.

the best demon of all on the show was angel. her boyfriend/enemy. poor buffy had to kill him to save the world. but haven't we all had to kill certain relationships to save our own worlds.

angel was great because he was both the noble champion and the sinister evil in one. like most people are. especially those we love.


  1. I so love me some Angel and BTVS. Great post. I recently read a book about the show called "What Would Buffy Do?" and it made many of the same points as you do. I think I accidentally requested it from the library. (I do that a lot with books and dvds... don't ask, I'm not quite sure how I do it, but sometimes I enjoy the consequences).


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