Deep Thoughts: Eclipse

the world moves like the moon does through the sky. chasing lost travellers.

when metaphor fails me i turn to sarcasm.

life tends to be somewhat less than astonishing. especially when.

in beds made of brass. they sleep. with hearts made of cellophane they preserve moments whose shelf life has long since been exceeded.

and it's just words on the screen after all, nothing even remotely real.

just people you tried to know through the passages in yourself they'd opened.

after every word has given in. after all those poetics have failed to confront. know that time is not the demon you've been conditioned to expect.

know that i'd rather go back in time, or stop it, but that the eclipse is imminent.


  1. Is it raining at your house like it`s raining at mine?
    Buster says everyone possesses beauty.


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