Deep Thoughts fhe Day: Searching

so this blog comes up #1 for the search term 'deep thoughts' on msn.

msn wouldn't be my first choice. i'd rather it be google or yahoo, but they appear to disagree.

funny, the more i learn of seo, the less i understand.

websites are so much like life. nothing makes sense.

every link cultivated is a promise yet to be broken.

what is written lost in what should've been said.

this isn't what i'd hoped for, but i'll take it. for lack of anything better.

this isn't what i wanted, but it'll do. until there is something better.

that's the story of humanity.

how sad for us.

link to link reminiscing of connections once had. now meanignless.

serached for, but not found.

or so the pages tell us.


  1. I think I found you on such a search. I would think Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts should be #1, but I didn't check. It's largely about what people want more than that actually fits the search. So if few people click your link or stay after clicking you'll move down the list. Still, I kept coming back.


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