Deep Thoughts for the Day: Being

quotes for the evening:

'time is a treason that i give back to you now.' savatage (paul o'neill)

'i'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell.' mb20 (rob thomas)

i have no comprehension of the word goodbype.

i say it more than most and yet, still it's meaning hopelessly eludes me.

nothing leaves you until first you leave it. therein lies the conundrum.

it's too easy to just say something. or write something. or dial a number.

it's too hard to stare at the blankness and just go to sleep. so i stay awake, thinking a little while longer will get me used to how i feel.

but twenty some years haven't done the trick. how can one more night possibly accomplish.

and maybe, just maybe, i'm as much at fault. but why should i care. fault here. fault there. it doesn't matter.

the only thing that matters is who breaks that silence when it begins to take hold. that is, if anyone ever does. and if once broken, the pieces don't cut you.

the only thing that really, ever changes someone's life is themselves. but try telling that to them. or even telling it to yourself. good luck.

i'd have no problem being me if i could be me being someone else. anyone else.

the trouble with being is that it always is. when you're angry. when you're sad. when you're drunk. when you're sober. when everything else is different. there you are still just being you. even when it's the last thing you want to be.


  1. If I thought about my being for long enough, I might get sick of myself. Perhaps that's why I avoid being self-aware most of the time.

  2. "i'd have no problem being me if i could be me being someone else. anyone else."

    I know this feeling to a very deep level. Drunk or sober I have that feeling on a regular basis. Lately moreso than other times.

    However, I am stuck with me.

  3. Isn't there a movie about that? Being John Malkovich ro something?


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