Deep Thoughts for the Day: Bugs

there was the weirdest looking bug crawling across the kitchen floor this morning. it had an ant-like head and torso, but it had the longest ass. its ass was twice the length of the rest of its body.

bugs totally freak me out. which has always bothered me. and i'm always trying to overcome it. cuz i'm not a girlie-girl. not by the very longest stretch of the imagination.

so i had to squish it. the burden fell on me. the only thing i revile more than bugs in my living space is the act of killing them.

if i had more guts i'd pick each one up and take them outside. but i don't.

and every time i squish one of those suckers, i imagine how it's conceivable that someday some giant hand thousands of times the size of my entire body could descend and do the same to me.

i wouldn't mind too much. and i'd certainly deserve it.

just hope that hand moves quick. and that i don't see it coming.


  1. I use a large platic container and scoop them outside. It involves no touching and not even getting as close as squishing them. Plus I'm vegan and bugs are animals. If there are enough of them or they piss me off (eat my food, avoid capture, etc.) then I end up killing them.


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