Deep Thoughts for the Day: Cats

people are like cats. or cats are like people. i'm not sure which.

all i know is, that my nearly eighteen year old cat still has the wits to manipulate me. he gets what he wants. when he wants. because anything to stop the whining.

he drags himself all the way up the full flight of stairs and jumps up onto my bed to press his slimy nose to my lips. and stick his pee ridden paw into my mouth so i will wake up and feed him.

but that's not enough. no. it's not enough that i wrench myself from the comfy bed and waddle down the steep stairway and into the kitchen. scoop the food into the dish. microwave it to room temp, refresh the water bowl and etc etc etc.

i go downstairs and do all this while he sitll waits upstairs. for what? for what you wonder. for me to come all the way back up the stairs, pick him up and carry him down the stairs. seriously. he will just keep whining there at the top of the stairs until i carry him down. even though he had the strength to climb the stairs and jump om the bed and stick his pee infested paw in my mouth.

i just take him downstairs. why start an argument you just can't win.

but then, to top it all off. just to rub it in my face that he's totally got me beat, he proceeds to climb all the way back upstairs after he's finished eating.

he pushes open the door with the little strength he has left and relases a bellow heretofore reserved only for the tortured and the dying.

so i pick him up and place him on my bed. and he quietly goes to sleep laying snuggly on the spongebob comforter.

they say animals can't lie.

maybe so, but they sure can dramatize.


  1. I'd have to agree with you that animals sure can dramatize.

    I have an American Bulldog named Tater, and he is becoming a little Man-Diva.

    Recently he has developed a habit that I consider quite strange.

    He will not drink water from his designated water bowl that is right next to his food bowl.

    Instead, he prefers purified water, loaded with ice-cubes in an old worn out metal bowl.

    I'm wondering how long it will be until he decides that purified ice water isn't posh enough for him anymore; and all he will lap up is Evian.

    Dramatic as they are, animals sure are good to have around. They are a good example of what it means to live life as it should be. Simply and with lots of love.

  2. Animals are definately like people. They communicate, they have bad moods, and they can take over your life just like another person. I have several cats. I know what you are talking about.


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