Deep Thoughts for the Day: Designs

boy i really hit some nerves with the harry potter posts. taking things too seriously much?

if you really love whatever it is you might love, fuck if it matters who doesn't love it.

also did a pro bono redesign on tattooed brain. just because i felt like it and he agreed. i think, i hope he's pleased with it.

so there's only one thing left to either ridicule or redesign. myself and my intrapersonal relations.

if only people were written in html.


  1. "if only people were written in html."

    Remeber what I said about dorks and nerds and geeks. ;)

    Thanks for the redisgn, I love it!!!

  2. If you haven't read the books, then c'est la vie. I think you're missing out. I don't normally like shit like that, but the reality is, Rowling's is the best it's ever been. She's the pinnacle of the form, and I suspect it will easily stand the test of time.

    Tat's new look is nice.

    You've got some good lines, about people being pixelated, written in HTML. Sweet! :)

    I'll try to pop by a bit more. Heh.

    Steff lite.

    Steff smut.


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