Deep Thoughts for the Day: Frozen

it opens like a flower does. blooming colors. widening vision. scope of the world transfixes the young. the newborn.

the stem bends under the weight until the rains come to fortify.

only it's too late then. it's already folded. the petals are stretched wide. but it can no logner see the sky.

it opens. to taste the world with a hungry stamen. folds upon folds of wonderment spread themselves like warm waiting blankets.

i feel so warm. but so cold sitll the same. i am frozen, but melting. like any strcuture created in cold must. i stnad as long as i can. but eventually the sun wins.

i am ice, but i am liquid if. all things so solid beocming impotent.

in the heat. in the light that shines upon.

you can be so cold and still so apt to melt.

especially when.