Deep Thoughts for the Day: Gifts

more and more greedy corporations are assigning job duties to customers.

pathmark has had the 'bag your own lines' for a while. i don't want to bag my own. i shop here. i give you my money. do something in return. do something to make me feel compelled to keep shoppng here besies having a man shout over the intercom that shrimp rings are only $5.99. i don't even like shrimp.

a and p have always had the implied you 'ouhgt to help the chekcer bag' passive aggeressive approach. whcih is even worse. cause if you don't assist, you fee like a heel. poor checker having to do her job and all.

and then i went to target to buy a gift card for my brother's brithday present. becasuse, all out of ideas doesn't even begin to express how much i am out of ideas. if i could butyy him a 30 year old woman who looks like a 20 year old i would. but as of yet, those are not for sale at ebay.

at first i wasn't sure if i should go to the chekcout or to customer service.

when i found out one had to go to the checkout to obtain said gift card i assumed the processs would be simple. ask for gift card. receive gift card. pay for gift card. leave with gift card.

i am so naive.

'i want to buy a gft card', i annouced to the cashei.

she pointed behind me. i turn to find a row of them sequestered at that top of the impulsse buy display and quiclky grab one.

natrually i had to pay for said gift card with one of my credit cards. cuz i don't give chinsy gift cards. especially not to my one and only brother.

so she swipes the gift cared and i'm standing there with one my credit card in my hand waiting for her to take it.

only instead she directs me to a mahcine on the counter that closely resembles a primitive torture device.

i lean from one side to other in seach of the area in which to swipe my card. only to discover it's more of an atm type prdouct and said card must be inserted into the opening at front. how erotic.

natrually, i insert the card backwards becase 99% of my purchases are made online, where such subtlies are never realized.

at some point i walked through the automatic exit doors of target with a legitimate gift card in my possession and a few more dollars in debt to some credit card company.

annoyed because so much of the checkout process was my responsiblity. and certain that that responsibility will only increae.

when do they start paying us to shop there?


  1. I like them shifting responsibility to me. I find the process to be faster and cheaper.


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