Deep Thoughts for the Day: Habitat

so you hear that voice. so you feel that twinge of expectation kneading your heart like moist clay. shaping it into to whatever form it sees fit. spinning the pottery wheel of chemicals in our brain. prdoucing false states of possibility. of hope.


put it into the kiln. see what comes out then.

clean your fingers off. wash your hands of everything. and wait. for the heat to decide how it will harden. what it''ll look like.

and then you can shove it in my face and ask me to recognize that thing we've created. and i'll try.

yawning lives just waking up. still wanting to dream.

humans. what is their habitat. if we should need to contain them. some words. some games. some sex perhaps. accompanied by music.

lock us up and prove this is all we need.

see if we don't break the glass.