Deep Thoughts for the Day: Insecticide

this afternoon i saw 'war of the worlds'. yea, i'm a little slow like that.

exciting movie.

the aliens were kinda cute.

the aliens were also kinda like us. i didn't think they were 'evil'. is there actual evil. maybe charles manson is evil. probably george w. is evil. dick cheney. okay he confirms the existance of evil. but i didn't see the aliens as evil.

they were so much just like us. to them we were just insects. we exterminate insects all the time. so i couldn't really hold it against them.

i could point out a lot of flaws in the movie. but i won't since it's based on a story hg wells wrote in the 19th century. that's just amazing. why oh why, is no one that creative or that visionary today? this species has definitely plateaued.

and tom cruise. he didn't bother me at all. i know everyone hates him now. and i realize he's kinda psychotic. but i don't care. he lives in california and doesn't infringe upon my life in any way. and anyhow, he's a good actor. i don't see tom cruise on the screen. i see his character. and that's all i care about. i don't care what crazy cult he's affiliated with. and i don't really understand why anyone else does.

i guess i was sposed to feel pleased when the invading aliens died and humanity was granted reprieve from annihilation. but i didn't. we didn't win. we just got lucky. our plethora of disease killed them. not our wits or ingenuity or rebellious neature. not that i think those things could.

it was however refreshing to see mankind portrayed as not the dominant species it believes itself to be, but rather as the dirty, icky, the more you kill, the more that they breed, cockroaches we really are.


  1. Indeed, I have not seen the movie yet (probably never will action movies kinda make me anxious in a bad way) but I think it would be nice to see humanity put in its place. But that is just me.

  2. I'm glad this version of "War of the Worlds" actually remained true to the book. Did you see the original movie? Oh so lame and not scary. This movie? A little scary.

    Is it wrong that I wanted to call the aliens "little tripods?"


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