Deep Thoughts for the Day: Leaders

it comes as the darkenss does. in spatters that stain my vision.

threasds of time stitching unseen the edges of the days. the nights. as they compound.

and meaning to, but i didn't learn anymore how to forget. how to count just what is there and everything else disregard.

atoms on the verge of but not quite bombs yet. don't you wonder when they'll explode. how big it will be when they do.

i guess we already know. the lives it will take. the fear it instills in otherwise innocent lives. all we did is let. cause we didn't know what else we could. AND SUDDENTLY IT WAS SO MUCH BIGGER than it ever should've been.

no one knows until it happens to them. and it has. the world over. citizens steathily becoming victims.

we're all to blame and none of us are. it happens so quietly. no one sees it coming.

frankenstein's monster killing its creator. we're all to blame. but no one is. how could we have known. and even if. could anyone have killed it.

we're all to blame because no one ever cares until after the fact.

and even now, it doesn't seem to matter. who we've lost. who's dead. what children have lost their parents.

nothing ever matters to americans until they're personally affected. you can blame our leaders and that would be true.

but who let them?