Deep Thoughts for the Day: Mechanics

you walk down the stairs. up the stairs. it doesn't seem to matter which. the direction is the same way either.

you love them or hate them. they don't seem to care, so long as you feel something strong.

or even if you feel nothing at all.

sword in hand, they bend over it.

there might be fireworks. there may be celebration. but for what.

because we've lied to ourselves for another year.

like we always do in every situation.

there may be babies to have. and people to marry.

because isn't that what life is.

or if it's not, then it's nothing. just a cog in the gears of the ecosystem. and we're so afraid to admit.

that's it's all just random machinery and we're only parts of it.

a little oil here....

i'm feeling squeaky again.