Deep Thoughts for the Day: Music

what i learned today. a lethargic saturday.

it's much harder to excel at game playing/puzzle solving with someone standing over your shoulder watching. all right, so i already knew that. but i hadn't experienced it in a long time. and it was interesting to see how well or not well i was able to focus and tune out the humanoid behind me.

the average person doesn't lay there listening to and or watching themselves breathe. most people have to learn it. all i need is a remote rested on my belly to watch it rise and fall. it's hypnotic. especially when you add in the soothing sounds of days of the new.

trans-siberian orchestra's 'beethoven's last night' is the greatest physical experience i've known to date. at certain points my heart clenches. others it races. i didn't realize i'd missed hearing it so much until at last i found myself immersed in its crashing waves once again.

i love certain music too much. to the point that it reaches into my chest and grabs me by the heart. i lose a few beats, but it's worth it.

i close my eyes and all the different facets of the one song come undone. i hear them all individually. and my mind races to keep up. mentally i run and sweat and feel the chase causing me to lust it.

make it louder. play those notes again. i'm only at peace when i am inside them.