Deep Thoughts for the Day: People

isn't it supposed to be the depressed and/or suicidal people who have little or no self-esteem, self-respect?

that's what i'd always been led to believe.

not true at all.

all the time i hear about the stupid and pathetic things non-suicidal people do. the ways in which they cling to anyone who'll have them. regardless, of for how long they'll have them, how often or why.

people will allow themselves to be so used and so abused just because they need people in their life. because they want to live. because they need some excuse to not to put the shotgun in their mouth. even if they're really only deluding themselves. it'll do. because they need to live.

it's sad. they're the real victims. they're the ones truly suffering. because life is their master and they're just its slave.

see, i think, wanting to live is a worse disease. granted, not as imminently fatal, in most cases, but a slow and tortoruous death. needing people. needing friends. needing love. so desperately that they'll convince themselves they have it with whomever. and whoever will convince themselves of the same. while ultimately, both are just using eachother. electric blankets they plug in and unplug as they require it. appliances generating false warmth. nothing more.

i'm not sure i'm a people at all. (soylent green is people) cause, yea, sometimes i want. sometimes i even really, really want. but need, uh uh.


  1. Soylent Green is one of my favorite movies. It is a vision of the future that is too likely to come to pass: suicide and euthanasia to become food for those who remain behind. Only no one knows it. No one knows it.

    Life is suffering. We know this. It is a Truth irrefutable even by the jolliest optimist. It is not wanting to live which makes us struggle so pathetically, it is the clinging. Our attachments. To outcomes, to people, to things. To pain, to fear. The lesson of Life is that the reality we experience that causes us so much pain and suffering is a construct. A construct of our minds. A mental projection. Thoughts and mental attitudes are causal forces in our lives. What you imagine, what you think, you create. We do not need to live. We are living. We are Life. We are simultaneously the creators and the created of the Universe. Let go. Life is not about clinging to our hopes and fears, it is about authentic experience. It is about freeing yourself from the bonds you and others have placed upon your soul. Awakening to the realization that Reality Is. And so are you. And the two are in conflict only when you allow them to be. When you need them to be. Because you are afraid that without the things you cling to, that define you, you are nothing. In clinging so tightly to the constructs of your mind, you have compressed your soul. There is no way to fill the void within except to relax and let what Is fill you, like air fills your lungs.


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