Deep Thoughts for the Day: Piety

i got a really, really long comment on my previous post from a regular reader who also happens to be a rather devout christian. i myself, am, somewhat less religious. okay, entirely unreligious.

i read a bit of her blog. it was somewhat interesting. i'm not trying to judge it. but the post with the questions about atheists really baffled me. it had the feel like she was asking questions about martians, not other earthlings.

she asked things like do atheists know love. how do they wake up in the morning and live life. are they ever friends with believers.

one could conceivably ask similar questions of the faithful.

it all just struck me as very odd.

back in eighth grade i had a great friendship with a very born again christian. we stayed friends through high school and even a while after. we spent all our free time together debating theology. it was great fun.

but i was still very young then. very open-minded. very naive.

i'm not the best example of an atheist. because long before i solidified my disbelief i was a miserable sort of person. i've been unhappy since i was too young to even understand what a god is or why having one could make any difference in one's life.

i get that people need religion. need god. because people are weak. they couldn't stand life without a meaning behind it.

i understand better than most skeptics, if you believe it to be true, it really doesn't matter whether or not it actually is.

but hey, i manage. and i was never that happy or that strong to begin with. if i can do it, anyone can.

i don't see why it has to mean anything at all. it doesn't mean anything to the ants or the bees or the dogs or cats. we, they, just are. you're born, you live, you die.

that's what annoys me most about the average human. they have such an intense desire to be important, to be meaningful, that they will actually invent ways to convince themselves they are. narcissism, that's all it is. empty egos all puffed up with fairy tale dreams, because otherwise they couldn't live with themselves. not for a single, solitairy second.

and that's the difference between the believers and the non. we can face life, head on, for all that it's not worth. even when we feel weak, we're never so weak that we can't face life or death without a super hero to save us from the monsters.

the thing i don't understand most of all, is accepting the bible as being the words of god. that just doesn't make any sense. because there is not one stitch of evidence to substantiate that. nothing.

you may as well believe in mother goose or charles dickens. same difference.

the day i pick up a book, any book, and without proof blindly believe whatever it tells me, is the day i am brain-dead and the debate should begin whether or not to starve me to death. because i would deserve it.

the trouble with the world is simply that it has people in it.

finding god would not make me happy. being able to prove there is no god. that would.


  1. I appreciate your thoughts. And I'm glad that you responded to both my blog, and my response to your own post.

    I'm thrilled that you read a bit of my postings, however, I am not sure how much you HAVE read.

    Anyway, I dig your honesty. I can sincerely appreciate that little bit of what I know about you.

    It's okay that we don't see eye to eye on this particular subject. I'm still going to enjoy reading your writings everyday. Hope you don't mind.

  2. On a side note:

    "I will be taking some time off from posting for the time being.

    My life seems to be going through some changes and it's hard for me to take pieces of what is going on and put it into words."

    That excerpt was from my most recent posting.

    The reason why it's hard for me to put what I am experiencing into words is because I am going through my third abortion. Yes. My THIRD abortion. After suspecting that I might be pregnant by my current boyfriend of 3 years, I took a pregnancy test last Saturday. After finding out that my suspicions(sp?) were indeed true, I was faced with yet another dramatic decision.

    On Wednesday morning I went into the women's clinic to receive my abortion.

    Why am I telling you this, you wonder?

    Simply because I do not consider myself in the LEAST, a devout Christian.

    As presented in one of my previous posts titled: Five-Two, you will find 52 things about myself. Several of which I see no qualities of a devout Christian. I also listed that I do not place a specific label on my faith.

    However, I guess in some sort of strange way, I could take your comment of me being 'a rather devout Christian' as a compliment.

    But now as I look at myself in the mirror, I see a rather enormous failure.

  3. Wow. The comments above...

    Anyway. I liked this post. I have written many like it myself. I agree with you that there is a narcissism in people. There is this tendency from a young age to feel good about life (the goal of life, happiness) by boosting the ego.

    Now certainly there are better ways to feel good about life. I mean, if you have to be a better person than most to feel good, then half the world will be unhappy. That will leave a lot of people into defensiveness and self-delusions. Which, in fact, is what about half the world is like. Scary.

    Facing reality has many advantages. I find myself much more in control of my personal life by being able to accept reality instead of becoming defensive. I've not succumbed to drugs or gotten stuck in bad relationships. No excuses.


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