Deep Thoughts for the Day: Rambling

didn't think i had it in me. to nurture. to care at all. about anyone.

i didn't really wnat to, but still i did because, she's me. me if i'd stumbled deeper younger. yea, i stumbled, but i'd learned enough to recover from. or at least, hide the fact.

she's him. the one i once revered so much. casualty of his onw interpretations of. he was never noble, but he had his moments. he was never happy, but he tried so hard to prove he was.

stories of. they're only that. not real other than to those who have witnessed.

the need to end your life is nothing you can understand. until you been there. sword to sword with your own willingness.

life is a dradel. we spin it. and play by on which face it lands. we're both the cause and the victim. because reality is stronger than these hearts had imagined.

i'm older now. much older since. those rhymes would study my heart. when those people would scrape this icy surface. bladerunners kicking up snow as they'd brake.

there are to many reason not to trust. when eveything you once thought real is gone.

because it doesn't stay. it can't. even if it wanted to. you're on your own. in the strictest sense.

no matter how much i love oyu i can't make you love yourself.

no matter how much you might love me you can't convince me to love myself.

we're that impasse tht can't resolve.

hearts revolving like piston as the night asks. what fuel do yu have.

i'm empty. that's all that i am.

it's not a question of if. it's all about how i can't.

too old for this.

too much respect for you to drag you down.

i'm over it. but still it's under me. always there.

i'm on top of it, but that doesn't make the situation any less akward.

love flaunts itself. like a cheap whore for sale. i buy it. but i can't afford to keep her for long.