Deep Thoughts for the Day: Rescue Missions

reason tells us to accept what is. what we cannot change. to either work with it, work around it or else pursue something else all together.

i can do that. really i can.

i've always tried to approach all things. all people keeping in mind the fundamental principe that you can't change anyone, except yourself. and that you should only change for you. not for anyone else.

but while those concepts are all well and good. they don't give any guidance for when those situations crop up that defy their summations.

suppose you don't want to change someone or yourself. and you've tried to accept them the way they are, but you can't. time to move on. except.

do you let a drowning man die because you couldn't change him. couldn't teach him to swim?

do you make yourself an island because all those continents just didn't sync with?

if you're me, yea, i guess you do.

because how can i ever help anyone else when i can't even help myself?

it's tempting to romanticize those impossible situations. because fantasy favors hopelessness.

everyone wants a solution. a savior. a something to go to when they themselves feel powerless.

everyone wants one. but none exist.

maybe he's drowning and i can save him. or maybe. maybe he's just been treading water all this time. and even if i could bring him back to shore he'd only just go right back out to sea again. addicted to the isolation. the false independence.

who's the one drowning here anyway?

and who'd save me if.

not him i'd venture.