Deep Thoughts for the Day: Rhetoric

lately, i haven't been very nice to the people to whom i'm normally nice. idunno. maybe it's not lately at all, but rather always.

putting monetary neccessity aside for a moment, i'm not sure how loyal i've ever been to anyone.

that's not to say i'm greedy. far from it. but i do recognize the value of income.

business me, is usually so different from regular me. and then there are times when the two halves collide. confusing and messy times they are.

can you ever really be friends with anyone you work for annymore than you can be friends with someone you have fuzzy feelings for. why oh why, do all my sentences always end in dangling participles? i'm a aware of the rule, and yet, i'm just too fucking lazy to care. to which and to whom are just too much trouble.

i don't even have loyalty to actual blood relatives. the world is simple. there's me and there's them. is that wrong.

um, that was a rhetorical question.