Deep Thoughts for the Day: Salvation

everything i've ever loved. i don't know what they mean now.

everyone that's loved me. i don't know who they were. or if they ever really did.

soemtimes those nails they need biting. somtimes those friends they grow from inside you even when.

you can cut the cuticle. you can trim the edge.

but when you wake up in the morning you still feel the same way you did then.

nothing's lost, but everything is.

because, here i am. alwyas have been. so very me. and all this time it never mattered until i was someone who had something you needed.

i'm not right. i'm not wrong. i'm just myself.

it's your choice. to want or to abandon. but you can't have both. stay or go. i leave it up to you.

but in truth, i've always known that you were gone. long before we ever met, you'd alreayd decided.

i can't condemn you for it. but neither can i waste myself on trying to save what was long ago dead.

if you need me to love you, i will. but i can't be what you want me to. because of all the rasoons i know that there are not to live, you possess none.

if you need someone to love you i will be there. but if all you need is favors i'm not the one.

i wish you could be saved. i still think that you can. but not by me.