Deep Thoughts for the Day: Survival

i miss that feeling of 'going under'. drowning in someone. it's the best and the worst feeling in the world.

if i had to choose onnly one emotion to feel for the rest of my life, that would be it.

that simultaneeous agony and ecstacy is almost worht living for. just on the off chance that you might feel it again.

life is moments copulating. and we are the result. every second born again into a world too new. too obvlious to what we've been.

and still, we tend to embrace it. because motivated by such feelings we seek them once again.

and the past we carry is sealed. unclaimed luggage that waits there on the conveyor belt as we anticipate the next flight out. the next flight in.

as much as i want to dance that flirtatious dance again. spiralling between the pain and the pleasure, still i sit there in the cockpit, engines humming. empty runwway waiting.

i stick close to the ground and wonder how and if i'll ever fly again. and even if i could, where i might land.

because it's not a mustery anymore. there are no uncharted islands on which to crash.

and i wasnt to. to crash. where i'll never be found. and won't be remembered. some place where everything is new again. and no one knows who we were before we survived this.

because surival is so hard like that. living with the knowledge of what you've overcome.