Deep Thoughts for the Day: Terrorism

what i don't get is why terrorists blow up everyday, ordinary people. while, i can't abide their motives/actions, if i were a terrorist, which i'm not, never have been, never will be. but if i were, i'd wanna get the big guys. the leaders.

how does killing these run of the mill average joes and janes accomplish their political agendas. it just doesn't. so misguided.

do these people actually believe that if they off a few hundered or even a few thousand nameless constituents that their respective government officials will actually give a crap beyond the requisite feigned having to give a crap political bullshit. man, if they do, they are so naive.

see, if i were a terrorist. which i'm not. never have been. never plan to be. who ever heard of an atheist terrorist. killing masses of people needs a god to justify it. so i just can't. but if i were, i'd go for the head honchos.

and you know, if any terrorist ever did perchance do that. obliterate the entire united states electoral government. they'd really be doing us all a favor instead of the giref they usually cause.

i guess it's probably a lot harder to assassinate such well protected people. but really, if your life is dedicated to this cause, don't take the easy route. shoot for the stars. follow your dreams. if you're going to kill in the name of, whatever it is religious freaks kill in the name of, at least kill the right people.

killing joe six pack isn't ever going to change the world. not if you kill one, not if you kill ten thousand of him. you've got to kill the important people. and then, instead of hating you, you might just have a lot more of us regular people on your side.

it wouldn't even really be terrorism then, so much as just saving us from the monster we've created it.


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