Deep Thoughts for the Day: TV vs. Internet

laying there prostrate on my bed watching commercials, or as some call it prime time tv. it occurred to me, why is porn allowed on the internet, but not tv.

i'm not against porn on the internet. not against porn on tv.

but i don't get why the united states government is allowed to sanction what's acceptable for us to view on the telly and can't tell us what to view on the world wide web. you know they just would make it illegal if they could. they're coming up with reasons as i type.

tv really ought to be more like the internet. international and free of restrictions. because it's our world to embrace or to shun.

you don't have to look if you don't wnat to. but you ought to be able to see if you should opt to look. whatever it is there is to see.


  1. One of the funniest commericials I've ever seen originated in France. All it contains is a breast shot--bottom of breasts to collar bone--of a fairly well endowed young woman and a jar of raspberry perserves. The dialogue? Try our jelly.

    I have never seen anything so hysterical or so totally convincing. Hell, if it'll make me that perky, I'll try anything!


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