Deep Thoughts for the Day: Witches and Wizards

so i suck. all these years as a web designer/webmaster i still fuck up the link trade now and then. see previous post.

how ebarrassing. i'm supposed to be a professional.

had a good write tonight though. poetically speaking.

watched the harry potter prisoner dvd. netflix is kinda slow lately. they once were quicker. transitory period. perhaps. regardless, i'll never use blockbuster or walmart. i'd rather be movieless.

that's probably not the way to improve their service, but i cannot tell a lie. or, i can, but i just don't feel like wasting one on that.

i liked the first two hp movies better than this one. this one had me until they did the ones you love are never really gone. they're always, point toward the heart, here.

puke. sap. c'mon. you claim you're talented. prove it. that ain't how.

i know. i know. i made fun of the books and adults reading them. but this is a movie. i'm more than happy to watch children's movies. they are some of the funniest and most entertaining movies ever.

and i really don't even have a problem with adults reading books written for children. it's just when they dress up like witches and stand on line at midnight to buy the book that kinda makes me wonder what in their hearts they lack.

and anyway, the pointy witch hats piss me off, because in all the three movies so far, there has never, ever, once been an image of a classic pointy witch hat. ok, the sorting hat, but no one wore that. so there.

they wear hooded robes people. if you must worship. then for god's sake, at least have the decency to worship properly. get yourself an adult harry potter robe and do it right.

that's all i ask.

well, that and stop. stop. stop stop. it's just a book. good. great. whatever. it's still no reason to humiliate yourself.

which reminds me, oddly enough, black market hair care products. who knew. there's big money in that.

and the phrase "you have been pixelated" is the new fuck you. shirts and caps available soon.

you know what i don't get, harry's parents have been dead since he was an infant. get over it already. you big baby.


  1. Yea adults that are too into it is weird. Although I wonder if they are reading HP to connect with their children or censor what they are reading? Not sure or if they are just erading for enjoyment.

    Either way, I can't stand HP. More of a C.S. Lewis fan, yanno what I mean.

  2. HP fan all the way, here. Sorry, but it's true. You can mock at will, but I love the shit, all of it.

  3. The third HP movie is really not very good. As a matter of fact I hated it. It went to far from the book and cut out some very important plot points.

    As for adults making fools of themselves I don't think they are. They are being themselves. And maybe they don't think that is foolish.

    Or something like that.


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