Deep Thoughts: Heat

i caused quite the ruckus in pathmark today. the women at customer service were momentarily rendered incapable of doing their jobs as they laughed and laughed.

heat t-shirt

personally i buy and wear these stupid tees to amuse myself. attention is not something i receive well.

but i'm reminded again of how no one thinks they're stupid. wearing t-shirts that reference to the stupidity of the amercian population often, i know, everyone who happens to notice simply assumes you're referring to someone else. certainly not them. when in actuality, i'm referring to everyone. all of us. the whole damn global population. well, maybe not, stephen hawking, but everyone else.

i wear t-shirts with silly and/or offensive statements on them all the time. as referenced in a previous post i'm still amazed that no one's ever laughed at me for wearing tool shirts. i'm wearing a shirt that declares i'm a tool. what could be stupider. only just voluntarily purchasing said shirt i guess. which i've done. many times over.

i gotta get me a new shirt. and it should say... don't bother reading this shirt, its attempt at mocking you will not succeeed.

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  1. depending on the political leanings of your coworkers, you may or may not like this one:

  2. You might be talking about me, Deep Thoughts, but I'm going to laugh at me, too. :o)


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