Deep Thoughts: The Lottery

what is it with old people and lottery tickets? whenever i dare venture into a lottery authorized store during the daytime, there they all are. a long wrinkled line of hands clutching dollars bills and rambling strings of numbers.

why play the lottery when you're old. even if you did win, what's the point?

on a somewhat related note, i've been watching that show 'hooking up'. and again, what's the point?

it's kinda reality show, kinda documentary, following 11 women scouring the online dating database for the husband real life did not see fit to provide.

one lady, was all into this guy until her sister told her no. and then she dumped him. another lady is dissatisfied with all men. yet another was duped into washing some guy's hummer even though she won the bet.

anyone who drives a hummer should not be allowed to date. and most certainly should never again experience sex.

i did the online dating thing for a while. back when it was still free. cause like i'm going to pay to have bad and/or regrettable dates.

and this is what i learned from it.

  1. people's profiles are fodder to attract potential sexual partners
  2. everyone is crazy in their own way
  3. i don't like people and i never will

in a way i feel pity for these women. cause they want the same thing most women want. but somehow it's evaded them.

they just want a good husdand and some kids to make them feel like their life has some kinda meaning.

but all i can think is, the more people who don't get marriend. the more people who don't have kids. the better off the world is bound to be.

all hail the lottery. whatever it is. love, money, happiness. your chances of winning are one in a trillion. and still you all keep on playing. every god damn day.