Deep Thoughts: Numbers

one. one way streets are self-imposed.

two. two times is all it should take.

three. three is how many it usually does.

four. four hours later and five is starting to look good.

one hundred. maybe more.

one thousand. and counting.

at one million i draw the line.

a billion will do.

numbers are comprised of digits. fingers of time gripping at intangible perceptions. ten per hand. ten per foot. forty in all. yet countless. as they paw at. grab. flail about for something they can grip.

crack a kunckle. feel it through your wrist. up your arm. as the tiny explosion reverberates through your entire system. all connected.

press down on. play the letters like a pianist. the music of thoughts. as they scamper across hollow monitors and strange eyes. silent symphonies of curled fingers and angled wrists. churning butter from the milky liquid which pours from the fourth stomach of consciousness.

just one.

count it as often as you wish.

just one. that's all there has ever been.