Deep Thoughts Overlooked from Earlier

i wake up to my sleeping and it baffles me. that consciousness could have so many layers. that my eyes can open, yet still, i cannot see.

i wake up, but the dreams hold me hostage in their satin sheets. and i really don't want to leave them. those who are my captors. they comfort me.

those who oppresss, well, at least they have some impact.

save those blackholes for erupting stars. for wandering planets.

waking up after such a deep, long sleep. the world is a tome too thick for me to read. full of characters i'll only know by name and deed. dead words with their bony fingers trying, but failing to touch me.

the words that makes sense, they amble passed. but those that don't, you wonder after.

hollow hive looking for its queen.

when you admit you are. admit what you can't. the hour moistens its lips and slowly leans in for kiss. but your tongue can't move. and you taste in it only what you always have.

four way intersection. who hits the gas?


  1. four way intersection. who hits the gas?

    All four vehicles.


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