Deep Thoughts: Poets and Madmen

Standing all alone
I bled for you
I wanted to
Each drop my own

Slowly they depart
But fall in vain
Like desert rain
And still they fall on and on and on"

desert rain. that's a great metaphor. relief sadly wasted.

ah, savatage, and the various incarnations of, how you've been there for me since i was but a newly inducted teen. how you've grown with me. each of us evolving separately, yet at the same speed.

how you've educated me on beethoven and serbia and lilting lyrics sublime. how you've touched my sensibilities with conversation and with sentiment.

in a bar in old bridge. and on the telephone.

in your drunkeness and in your sobriety.

in your deep loss and in your triumph over it.

worlds apart and yet closer than anyone else could ever hope to get.

strangers still we are. but in some way always friends.

* quoted verses from "Back to a Reason", cd "Poets and Madmen" by Savatage

"poets and madmen all defy reason"

so true.

because reason means nothing to hearts that have always been transparent.

** other quote from "Symmetry"; cd "Handful of Rain" by Savatage

"and the night rolls on like a slow moving train. and the soul cries out for a handful of rain"

but what if it gets just what it wished for. what if it gets too much. instead of saved by, overcome.

*** yea, you guessed it, last quote from "Handful of Rain"; cd "Handful of Rain" by Savatage

i can honestly say i wouldn't be who i am today had i not discovered them that night long ago, when their hall of the mountain king video debuted on the headbangers ball. how much we've both grown since then.

some part of my evolution as a person is entirely owed to these people and the sounds/images they create. for better or for worse. i am in some small, but significant ways, what they have made of me.

everyone is bound to change someone else's life, even if only accidentally. it just so happens to happen. especialy when you never inteneded and least suspected.

you can listen. but do you hear?

even if you move them. is it in the right direction?

have you shoved or only nudges? what is displaced by. and what remains constant?

the world turns about us and we struggle to resolve how much greater it is. the world turns about us and we want to shrink it down to managable size. but it'll always be bigger than us. that is the real challenge. knowing we are small and not being belittled by it. knowing we are powerless and not feeling helplesss because.


  1. Good posts today S. Both hit a chord with me.

    Thanks for sharing. D.


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