Deep Thoughts: Random Ramblings on Random Stuff

did i get off the scooter before i got hurt. of course not. can i stand the injuries. of course i can. were they worth it. well, duh.

when i ride, whatever looks fast and shiny to me at the moment, i don't wear a helmet. or knee pads or any protective gear. save for a cynical nature. if you try to protect yourself from every injury that could ever possibly cause you pain, you're going to end up blocking out the good sensations as well. so what would be the point?

isn't the objective to feel something.

i'm not seeking the good feeling, just seeking whatever feelings life has next in the queue.

maybe in the morning i wake up more battered than others. but i don't mind.

i'd rather ache than be another clone.

thay can be as complacent as they choose.

but i can't abide it. i'd rather suffer than to feel nothing. what's the point in living if you can't feel it.

primitve, yes, but effective.

we are primitive. if only we'd own up to it. and admit that the world holds us hostage. and most of all our feelings.

husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children.

we're only as strong as our ability to forget them.

it's a big world. and it grows bigger every time we succumb to it.

i was never looking for a fairy tale. but still i wanted something. not a castle. nor a prince. maybe a drawbridge. something to get me passed this ever-deepening moat.

such a shame it didn't exist.

i loved all of them. any maybe even some of them loved in return. but when the night falls all we have left to love is that which is inside ourselves. an impssoible task.

the future doesn't care what becomes of us. so it lays there taunting. asking questions we can never hope to answer.

and in the end it all comes down to can you live with the absense. can you love them even though thtey leave you withtout a reason. can you love yourself even though no one else ever saw fit.

it's the end of the world and i'm in love with it.

because i can't. cruel as life can be. people can always be crueler yet.

and time, it feels nothing as it kills those once beating hearts now paused in our chests.

another day won't change. another year won't answer all those questions amassed. better still to just let. let it all fall as it wil. like raindrops that will asnwer the same questions they will ask.

it's so real. but only to you. it's so real. but in truth it never really is.

cages flaunting their occupants in a rigid display. the years gather and you ask yourself why do i hold onto them. i could let go, but then there'd be nothing left to lack.