Deep Thoughts: Shitty is as Shitty Does

today i discovered i'd finally, at long last, be still my heart, had been officially inducted into the shitty blogs club.

now i can die without any regrets or misgivings. sigh.

i also learned just how much of a magnificent dipshit i can sometimes be. when i sent in my email to apply for membership into the shitty blogs club i forgot to include the url of my blog. as essential an ingredient as beer is to happiness.

but the gods must've been smiling upon me then because whoever owns the shitty blogs club blog was kind enough and used to idiots enough to overcome the dilemna and find my blog presumably googling my email address.

your kindness did not go unnoticed nor unappreciated shitty blogs club blog owner.

incidentally, it seems, he gets plenty of traffic to his shitty blogs club blog, but desires more commments. so if you dare, show the guy some love.


  1. So, now that your a club member do you get a T-shirt?


  2. Congrats to you for being in the SBC? Do you get a membership card, like at Sam's?

  3. ack, sam's club... evil.

    down with walmart.

    t-shirts cost extra i think.


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