Deep Thougths for the Day: Visitors

when i start a website it doesn't tend to get too many visitors. with time i learn to gather them. through seach engiens. through links. whatever.

but in that beginnning the lesser visitors seem almost personal.

and as the traffic grows, all those people pool into one ggiatnic blob of strangers.

sure i want more hits, but at the same tiem i wnat people. not strangers.

better only two dedicated readerst han a thousand uninterested ones.

i guess i've been a 'webmaster' too long. because it's not that hard to get people to come to your site. but it's not that satisfying either.

you don't want people who are just there. you want people who want to be there. and that so rarely occurs.

that afte a while, who visits and who doest;n you can't tell which. becuse they're all just strangers in the end. face demons you contend with the darkness grows.

there are no more people. just statistics.

because life makess it so. or you do. who knows for certain.

but nevertheless, it is.

you're coutning, but you know not what.

you're looking for in all the wrong places.

your'e seeing, but you lack visison.

maybe they';re all gone away for areason. no doubt. but what is it.

am i that bad. i never thought so until this moment.


  1. Of course you aren't that bad!

    I read your posts daily. And quite frankly your thoughts make me sad. Sad because your words speak to me that way.

    But, I'm not going to comment on every post you make. These are YOUR feelings. I'm not reading your journal just so I can post comments like: You're wrong!

    There are times when I may not agree with your writings, but I don't feel the need to share that with you. However, if I read something that somehow relates to an incident in my past, then I want you to know.

    But I am always in the shadows hearing your cries. Hoping that one day your will experience all of the things you desire, but are unwilling to admit and allow yourself now.

    I feel the same way too about how many people visit my site, do they care, they're just strangers, etc.

    But the fact of the matter is, this is my journal. I'm allowing people to view it, comment should they feel necessary, and to somehow find themselves in my honesty and truth.

    I encourage you to continue to express yourself through your writings.

    And if you don't get the responses you would like to get, or if you don't like all the so-called strangers-slash-demons that visit your underground cave of emotion, then maybe, just maybe, you need to take a little tiny break.

    ...But, you know you couldn't stay away for long.

    On a sidenote: Yes I am a believer in God. I know you are an Atheist. Does it bother me that we differ? No. Do I feel pain when I read your entries? Yes. I somehow have myself convinced that I can telepathecially send you messages of comfort, so that you know that someone is rooting for you. But, I see that that isn't working as well as I would have hoped. Hence your deep thoughts for today.

    Bottom line: Keep writing. Sharing. I'm listening, and so is He.


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