don't you have something better to do than read my blog. really, it sucks. all blogs are pretty useless. cracked mirrors of their owners.

the broken staring at the broken. just like real life only painfully more obvious. the shards drifting between one life and the next. the blood never drying. only jumping from wound to wound. because everywhere lay open ones. begging invasion.

united in our disparity. how poetic.

i hate my blog. hate the fact that i have one. hate the fact that it beckons me to fill it with prosaic spatterings of the vomit that my brain expels.

i hate that i read so many blogs. the daily nuances of ordinary people's lives the most entertainment, the most excitement i can sustain.

blogs are too much like real life. full of people i don't know. wouldn't want to. or couldn't stand to. full of strangers. full of cliques inpenetrable. teeming with humans. just like the world is. every word they speak or type waiting breathless on approval from some faceless audience. or praise from people they don't even know. designed solely for such purpose.

blogs are too much like real life.

i need something that isn't.


  1. Hmm. Not the happiest view in the world. Maybe acceptance of "real life" would go a long way to your being able to live with it and find peace. To rage at yourself for making a mistake might improve you, but to rage at the sky for being blue will only bring you down.

  2. I know how does it feels. i hate blogs. i dont like reading others people troubles and useless stuff. in fact the only blog i read is this one, sometimes, maybe bcuz has something related to mine. u wont find any laugh or word of joy... happyness its left behind in a world full of sorrow and despair. that's life right? why i would write "nice" stuff if that doesnt happen in real. well... im talking too much, if u like poetry u can cheack my blog if u want, there's a few ones in english... and if u speak spanish u'll figure it out the rest.
    see ya.

  3. curiousdragon: good points you made. though, i hardly consider this post a 'rage'. i don't do rage well.

    read some of your blog. twas interesting. i'll probably be back agian. and believe it or not i can be both lively and responsible... depending on the situation.

    xhecatex: always nice to hear from a fellow dark lighter. unfortunately i don't understand spanish beyond como este, so your poetry is lost on me.


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