It Could Happen to You

i thought for sure it would never happen to me. that sort of thing only happens to other people. i was so certain i had myself secure inside my bubble. i'd heard of them. i'd even read some. but had always assumed, much to my general contentment, that i'd never be tagged for one. but Dilettante did. and while i'm strictly and one hundered percent anti the socially interactive aspects of blogging i will answer it nonetheless in the expressed interest of not being a party pooper.

The Meme: What ten events would you care to witness if you could travel in time and observe them.

i came up with my events under the assumption that whatever i chose to witness couldn't actually affect me or mutiliate me or otherwise cause me great physical suffering, but that if it was a cool event i could participate and enjoy it. how very convenient. which events i actually fear and those that i think would be cool i leave for you to ponder.

here we go...

  1. the big bang
  2. bastille day - go french peasants. kill that royalty!!!
  3. auschwitz circa world war ii
  4. the crucifixtion of jesus (if in fact, he was a real person and that really happened. though i doubt it)
  5. woodstock
  6. cherokee marching on the trail of tears
  7. beethoven's last night
  8. roswell 1954
  9. the moment that sperm penetrated that egg which would become me. to stop it.
  10. with diogenes when he finally found an honest man, except that he never did, did he? damn. it still counts, though, right?

you regulars must be so shocked at my morbid choice of events.

now i'm sposed to pass this on to 3 other blog type people. can't pass it to kelly cuz she passed it to me. who other blogging type people actually visit mine on a regular basis... i'm not sure. like i said before, i like to keep the bubble intact.

but i think Unpublished Column Jess, Lost and Not Found and um, maybe, possibly Crazy Maniac Kotkin, i don't really know him, but we traded links and i think he visits here sometimes. and he hasn't posted anything new at his blog in a while (hint hint).

i am many bad things, but a party pooper i am not.


  1. I'm officially tagged! I'm off to post my response unless Blogger keeps being a bastard...

  2. Sweet Ass! I read Jess's first so I posted a comment there altough my name wasn't on the list but it is here!! Rock out! My day gets better and better!!!!

  3. Also, not a big fan of #9. This coming from someone who is incredibly hard on herself:
    You gotta know your conception did make the world a better place. I don't know you personally but I can tell from your writing.



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