no one will ever convince that drugs, drugs of any kind should be illegal.

i get the sense that it's only illegal here in these united states for the sake of profit anyway.

sure, there should be age limits. just liek there are on nicotine and alcohol. but once you're old enough, it ought to be your choice.

making drugs illegal, only increases the profit margins for those willing to deal it.

it doensn't quell the urge of those you seek to use. it doesn't save the children. it only makes more glamorous. more profitable, a lifetstyle that here means a life sentence.

prohibition didn't work. didn't work at all. and yet stil in the 21st century it lives. making dealers and narcs richerr. while the little men go tojail.

isn't that so much america. in every sense.


  1. Drugs are an interesting issue. I think I also favor the freedom of choice over the illegality we have now. They end up being made anyway, but can't be regulated becaue it's all underground.

    So much crime around drugs that could be prevented by legalization.

  2. I had a professor who had a whole plan for making every drug legal. He had a plan to tax and make pure versions. It was brilliant. Too bad the only drug I use is alcohol and the occassional caffine fix.

  3. exactly my point on both counts. if it's legal, it can be taxed and used for good purposes. hopefully.

    if it's illegal all it does it cause loss of lives and jail time. at tax payers expense.

    i have the same plans as youe professor LNF. also plans for taxing per child, instead of rewarding them.

    big plans. tiny brain. what to do.

    curiousdragon - i keep meaning to link to your blog, but havent' gotten around to it. soon i will.


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