Boob Ranching

i've got boobs on the brain.

i got an email where the subject was "bobo ranch". i saw boob ranch.

now there's a new and promising business prospect. boob ranching. sounds like a fortune waiting for someone to make it.

i mean, boobs... everyone wants them. if you can supply em, there's no way you can fail.

where exactly does one acquire a boob ranch and how much work is involved?


  1. Hey me too!!Since I was 13.In 1987 I realized my dream when I aquired the "Double D" boob ranch in WV. The trade mags list only WV boob ranches,so I`m pretty sure they`re all located here.In `87 there were 38 independent boob ranches around the state. Throughout the late 80`s and early 90`s boob ranching was very profitable. And a lot of fun too. I had 7 boobs that became like pets,gave them run of the house.When I`d go to bed at night they`d all come jiggling to be close. Those were the good ole days,with nipples pressed into the flesh,sleep came easy.We used to have our annual convention at the Holiday Inn in Long Branch,NJ.The times we had.I guess it was 1994,yes it was the spring of `94 that we caught the attention of Washington.By `95 we had been burdened with so many regulations and taxes that 17 ranches were in recievership by summer right during prime tanning season.In September alone there were 26 boob and Bra auctions.As you can well imagine the boob market went as flat as a fried egg.It was a rough time for the ole Double D,I would have lost the ranch as many did had it not been for the gaggle of vaginas I had picked up in `93. I aquired them and and several firm ass cheeks (Breeding Stock) on a whim.The ranch hands I had at that time seemed to enjoy looking after them and they kept morale high.After that I was never again asked for salary increases.In fact,when money got tight I cut pay but they never complained.They were the happiest crew of boob handlers in the state.In `97 I was forced out of boob game,it`s dominated by the giant Bazoonga Conglomarants now.None of independent ranches are in bussiness. The big boob corporations have lobbyists in Washington and have gottin many of the regulations that put us out of the boob game removed from the books.In 1999 I renamed the "double D" it`s now known as "Damnfarm" throughout all of Blogger World. Buster and I remain here in our own Blogger space and recall the good times.


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