Deep Thoguhts for the Day: Fuck Me Deep

first i want to say, way better than coming up #1 on msn for a search on 'deep thoughts' is coming up #3 for a search on fuck me deep. who could ask for anything more.

anyone, any professional web sort of person who thinks blogs have the power to make a business is clearly high. they may get hits, but they get random, unrelated traffic. because their content is sporadic and incohesive. that in my opinion is not the most effective marketing campaign.

i am of course overlooking all the sales blogs other bloggers so revile. because like spam, thye are much too hated to translate into any sort of profit.

if i want to sell someting, i am going to make the website from scratch to reflect whatever it is i want to sell. i'm not going to create a blog about myself to sell someone oil of olay. because, hell, i don't even use it.

i had a point when i started this. all i need to do now is remember what that was.

i'm not bragging here, i swear i'm not, but i've heard on many occasions what a great poet i can be. not always am. but can be. and i see this blog steadily turning into that. i already have a website for that. this was supposed to be something different.

which makes me realize, all you can ever hope to be is that which you always have been. i can try to expand. i can attempt to explore other ways, but eventually it all comes back to what i've always been. always will be. take it or leave it.

i made no mistake when i named this site deep thoughts. becuase i can play the role of saccharine for a while. but eventually i'll admit i'm hardcore sugar. full of calories, but worth the taste. that is if deep is what you crave.

i don't do funny well. at least not on a regular basis. and anyways ther world is full of funny people and so devoid of poets.


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