Deep Thought: Tried To Be

i don't have to do anything for him to fail. it's already happening.

i never thought i was useless, but there were always some people who could make me feel that way.

i never wanted to hurt anyone. but there were always people who would hurt me anyway.

i'm guilty of nothing, other than giving up.

it's not easy, but you can't always be what they want you to.

i tried to be, but i'm not.

and even if it could, you didn't try to be for me, not nearly enough.


  1. "Tried To Be", rang true to me today. It reminded me of my old beau Derek.

    Our relationship was such a hoax. Looking back at it, I feel like it was such a waste. What did I learn from three years with him?

    Sometimes I wonder though, if giving up on the relationship with him was a selfish move on my part. What I mean by that is, why didn't I continue to give a little more? Why didn't I try a little harder?

    But then I think about a previous post you had about Love. How love expects love in return.

    And then I think: He wasn't able to receive my love. He just didn't know how.

    And you're right about it not being easy when you can't be what they want you to be. But I guess that's okay because that just means we are one step closer to finding someone that we are supposed to be with.

    I don't know. I'm confused. Love confuses me. Whatever.

  2. We can only be ourself. If we change for someone else. Well they will like us even less. The way life is so it seems.

    Nice job.


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