Deep Thoughts: 7th Heaven

one of my deepest, darkest secrets in the past, was that i used to willingly watch the show '7th Heaven'. i couldn't help it. it was so preposterously funny.

i especially enjoyed the years when it was '7th Heaven' at 8pm on mondays followed by 'Angel' at 9. i don't know why, but in my mind the two show were perfectly paired. maybe because both were premised upon silly myths and likeable, but not possibly true, fairy tales.

anway i found 7th Heaven endlessly amusing for a long time.

but when they moved Angel and put 'Everwood' after it, the show became too preachy. not that it wasn't awlays preachy, but suddenly all the humor had been sucked away. they were no longer a failable family of people trying to lead a 'christian' lifestyle. they rapidly morphed into that self-righteous sort of christian family that presumes they can do no wrong.

but i caught the show tonight and it was as funny as i remember it being years ago. they'd all gone back to contradicting the values they vehemently claimed to stand for. and it was hilarious.

every member of their very extended family lied more in the course of 42 minutes than i think i've lied in the course of my entire life. it was great.