Deep Thoughts: Americanization

there's this cool game i play at msn game zone called Bejeweled 2. Bejeweled 1 was pretty nifty, but 2 has sploding things. i never do tire of seeing those gems getting blowed up.

my childlike amusement from explosions isn't the point though. the point is, i was always average at best at Bejeweled 2. i played the game a lot. a whole fucking lot. and always stayed pretty much the same. a typical untimed game would last 20 minutes and yield a score of maybe 50,000. my best untimed game ever was 78 some thou. today i went to play and it was suddently the never ending game. i played it for 3 hours racking up a score of just under 400,000. cause i'm stubborn like that. or crazy. whatever.

i know without a doubt i didn't out of nowhere become that much smarter. if anything, i'm getting stupider everyday. they made the damn game easier. they really really did. just like they made clothes sizes bigger cause so many americans are fat. now they've gone and made puzzle games easier cause americans are stupid.

what's next? eliminating all the big words from the dictionary? the abolition of algebra? no more books other than books on tape? dumbass presidents? oh wait, we did that one already.


  1. Although I agree that clothes sizes have gotten bigger because so many americans are fat;

    I highly doubt you're getting stupider everyday.

    Nice try though.

    Even though I like the darkness you dwell in, I know that you would rather live in the brighter shade of life.

    It's apparent in your writings you know.

    I've always felt that those that hold the most armor, are the ones with the most weaknesses.

    And those with the most weaknesses are the ones with the most light.

    That's just what I see.

  2. I disagree with the clothes getting bigger.

    Sizes have gotten smaller. Anyone over the age of 40 knows Size 0 did not exist until the 1980s. All the clothes seem bigger because the sizings don't make sense.

    Not that I am not saying that Americans aren't fat. Cause they are. I am walking proof there.

    As for stupider. I don't know. I had some genius students and some not so genius. So who knows?

  3. LNF: your size zero actually proves my point. think about it. we now need a size zero because now size 1 or 2 is too big for the skinny girls to wear anymore.

    DMM: i know i'm get stupider. i have this blog as proof.


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