Deep Thoughts: Europe

for years my mohter has been preaching to me about how europe is better.

for instance, she says, if thye win a prize, like the million on survivor they don't have to pay taxes on that. they get the entire prize to keep for themselves.

or interet. if they haver lotsa money in the bank. or even not a lot. whatever inerest they earn isn't taxed.

not to mention the national health care system.

i've never researched to discern if here claims were true. but i imagine she's not making it up.

to me it's unfathomable. that a government could take so little and give so much.

and i know all about the hugher taxes. but that only applies to the wealtheir as i undertand the system. someone with my income would pay less taxes than i do now to the uniteed states federal governmement. i pay roughly 35% because i'm self-employed. and i don't make all that much money. in europe i could possibly pay as little as 10%.

so why aren't i there already basking in the glow of less tax burden?

for one you have to be citizen. for two you have to have a way to support yoourself until you become said citizen.

it really is a shame the american gvernment being that corrupt. and the american people just sitting back and letting them get away with it.

what are we to do? dunno.

but i personally endorse a nationwide tax strike. what're they going to do if no one pays their taxes. arrest us all.

right now we are a nation divided. because that's the manger they've led us to. what we need to realizse is they are the enemy. not our neighbors. not the guy who has a gifferent stance on whatever. our only enemy is them.

because we've given them all the power. and what are we left with.

just a lot of nothing.


  1. I'm pretty sure the tax rate is higher across the board in a more socialist system. You'd most likely pay higher taxes than you do here, BUT you'd have a higher standard of living. The government would provide more than that cut of taxes worth of services to you. They tax everyone a lot and provide many services for free (education, health care, etc.).

    In some ways it is inefficient, but it does prevent homelessness and extreme poverty. Everyone gets a higher minimum standard of living at the expense of having anyone that's really wealthy.

  2. CD is correct.
    Mom suffers from TGIAG syndrome (the grass is always greener).

  3. Hey guys I think we would be a better society if there was`nt such a large and growing gap between the obscenely wealthy and the rest of us.Capitalism run amuck is destroying our democracy,we become more facist at home and more imperialistic around the world as the gap widens.All are created equal and endowed with human rights has become laughable.Everything is for sale.


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