Deep Thoughts for the Day: Conspiracy Theory # 1

voting. activists and speaker-outers place too much emphasis on voting when attempting to influence the current political landscape.

voting, in my opinion, is nothing more than an immaculately constructed deception to give the american public the illusion of power.

even if every vote were to be personally whispered in my ear, i'd still be unsure. there could be shills.

what proof do we have that the votes we place are actually counted? about as much proof as we do of the existance of god. none. but for the faithful.

faith truly is a sinister concept. believe what i tell you... why? because i say so.

nothing short of a countrywide revolution could possibly save us now. and even still, if we somehow did manage to start anew, we'd just fuck it up all over again.

** acknowledgement to LostandNotFound whose post Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism: G-SAVE inspired these thoughts.


  1. Glad I inspired those thoughts. I have to agree that even if we did manage to fix things we would fuck it all up. It is an endless cycle history constantly repeating itself.

    I just wish that for a short while the country could be moving in a direction that I felt comfortable and/or happy with.


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