Deep Thoughts for the Day: Glass Blood

what she was before they became eachother she can scarcely recollect. frail footbridge to span the vast canyons in her heart.

what she is, there are no mirrors for, except those which remain hidden deep below the skin.

they are one in the same and yet endlessly different.

as all people are.

time dares not separate them. though sometimes she wishes it could.

where never and forever collide is where they live. bright and hot with a fire that can't be put out. still cold and empty as the oldest grave is.

though tomorrow invades incessantly, still yesterday continues to persist.

she could escape, but she doesn't.

he will always be there, even when he isn't.

but the glass remains between. cracked and dirty and eager to break the skin.

we must heal for a time. then perhaps, someday, we will bleed together again.


  1. Love it. I love this post. Beautiful. Truth. Reminiscent.

    This is my favorite thus far.


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