Deep Thoughts: If I Were...

if i were a gameshow i'd be jeopardy. because i give you the answer and expect you to know the question.

if i were a song i'd be exit music by jon oliva. because it's somber and it says so much without ever saying a word.

if i were an animal other than homo sapien, i'd be a puppy. because if you rub my belly (little lower actually) my leg shakes.

if i were a number i'd be 0.875. seven eights. or not quite whole.

if i were a cartoon i'd be charlie brown. and i have the tattoo to prove it.

charlie brown tattoo

if i were a boy my name would be brett. so i got lucky in the chromosome department afterall.

if were a letter i'd be x. cause it marks the spot. the buried treasure.

if i were a word i'd be pulchritude. cause it means beauty even though it sounds ugly.

and if i were you i'd find something better to read.


  1. Yeah, if I were me I would find something else better to read too.

    But for now, I'll settle for reading this.

    Once again, you've given a great post. Like how you snuck the tat in there.

  2. cool site too, I bookmarked it, I thought when you posted on mine you were going to be one of those recent rashes of assholes trying to advertise, badly might I add, whatever in the lamb of god they can, anyway, I'm checking out the rest of your site to determine whether you would be a good contributor for my blog, I'm trying to find some more like minded individuals that are "not those Americans" for posting thematic stuff on my blog, talk to you soon...


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