Deep Thoughts: Imagination

we very much fear there is a giant, killer bug dwelling somewhere in the darkest reaches of our kitchen cabinets.

every other morning one of us will come down to the kitchen to find some smaller, less formidable bug dead under the cabinet near the fridge.

scorpion? centipede? garter snake?

we searched with the headlamp, but couldn't find. so wild do imaginations run.

god i hope it's a snake. i don't mind snakes.

what kind of wacky insect or reptile kills, but doesn't eat its kills.

some super, genius insect which much like humans, takes pleasure in the kill. some radioactive, building size ant?

spongebob imagination raindbow

is not all as good as spongebob would lead us to believe.


sometimes imagination sucks. where's my fucking rainbow, damn it?


  1. I am scared of the dark simply because it lets my imagination just go crazy. I always go to the dark side when there is no light.


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