Deep Thoughts: Lost But Not Gone

it lasts longer the less that you consume of it. so hang on. stay that urge to swallow it whole. let it melt in your mouth instead.

entering you slow as you would hope it should. as supple doors are parted. and soft walls are shifted.

filled by, with. accepting of all that you lack that can possibly be offered. or given.

having not. but giving when. as the minute turns to an hour, so we change given the circumstance of our location.

a heartbeat at at time we learn to please someone else instead of ourselves. how good it feels to highlight how much we love them.

never seeking the same. but hoping they'll feel inclined to offer it.

we are as much what we recieve as we are what we give. selflessness being something better left for gods to manage tht simple humans.

i'd like to be able, but i can't.

it ended then. it ended long before this. still in my head it never began.

lost, but not gone. like everything is. bow on the strings our hearts. tugging on the notes we never wanted them to hear. never wanted to be heard by them.