Deep Thoughts: The Lowest Common Demoninator is Me

what left the biggest impression on me of all from the many editions of the amazing race being rebroadcast on game show network seven nights a week at 9pm est, wasn't the experience of far away exotic locations. it wasn't the arrogance of pretty boys. it wasn't the bickering couples. it wasn't the drama queens. it wasn't even the sardine can that some city {mumbai?) in india calls public transport.

it was, how fucking hard it is to be a taxi driver.

all those cab drivers on the amazing race don't get no prizes. they really ought to, what with the shit they put up with and do.

i hope they are handsomely compensated behind the scenes. you hear me cbs? you cheap motherfuckers!

and while you're at it, how's about raising the million dollar prizes on your hit reality games shows (survivor and the race)? or at the very least, admitting the prize is only $520,000 after taxes. only slightly more than half the big million you claim you're giving away.

and fear factor. oh my god. the grand prize is $50,000. that's probably $30,000 after taxes. yea, except, that prize is so fucking low, the people who agree to go on the show have only themselves and their distorted sense of vanity to blame. to paraphrase phil... i'm sorry to tell you, but you've been eliminated from the human race.


  1. Hehehe. Aren't reality shows a brillant sign of where the human race is going? Ahhh...


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